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The KSR Amplification RCS/212™ straight cabinet combines unique design with superior construction techniques. Tuned for superb low end performance while minimizing brittle highs, this is the last cabinet you will ever need. Recessed hardware comes standard. Casters may be added for more portability.


The cabinet is constructed of 3/4" birch plywood with locked rabbit joints. During construction all joints are glued, pinned, clamped, and cured for maximum strength. The front baffle is secured with 10 screws from the inside allowing for easy grill cloth replacement. The rear panel is removable with steel screws. All panels and hardware are gasket sealed making for an air-tight sealed cabinet. The handles and rear jack plate are recessed, further illustrating our commitment to building the best cabinet possible.


The standard wiring configuration is 16 ohms mono. A number of different configurations are possible, please contact us if you'd like something different.


The front rear-loaded speaker baffle is coupled with a full 3/4" thick back via a sturdy internal baffle. This ensures solid bass response with little resonance due to standing waves. The end result: Unbelievable bass that is super tight and never 'boomy' or 'flubby'. This is the best and biggest sounding 2x12 cab you'll ever hear!


A wide array of speaker and covering options are all available standard. Choosing various speaker types allows you to refine the overall response to your playing. If you'd like speakers installed that are not listed, please contact us. If you already have speakers, unloaded cabinets are available with significant savings. All wiring and instructions are included for an easy installation.

Weight: 75 lb.
Dimensions: 36in. × 24in. × 18in.

Caster sockets are always included with the cabinet, therefore casters may be added at any time.