The Juicer :: built for Nate Miller


The Juicer is a unique rack mount amplifier consisting of 3 channels: Clean, Crunch, and an innovative Mix channel. This amp is actually where we developed our wonderful Clean and multi-mode KSR/Rhodes Crunch channels. Channel 3 duplicates the gain and level controls from the Clean and Crunch channels and mixes the outputs allowing for some very unique tones. Put a distortion pedal in front of the Mix channel and all of the sudden you're overdriving the clean and pushing the crunch over the top for some of the most unique and harmonically rich tones you've ever heard!

The amp has internal lighting and was the first KSR/Rhodes amp to offer full front panel, RCI, and MIDI control. We also built a custom foot switch which utilizes the RCI connection for seamless integration with other KSR/Rhodes hardware, such as the Abacus switcher also custom built for Nate.

More photos coming soon!

Nate Miller with an early version of his rig
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